Images, videos and the full programme from our previous Annual Conference in Budapest in September 2017.

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21 September 2017: CONFERENCE DAY ONE


09.00        Registration (welcome coffee) 
09.30 Introduction

Welcome by Dr. Csaba Kiss, Chairman, COGEN Hungary (MKET)
Introduction by Wouter-Jan van der Wurff, Chairman, COGEN Europe
Keynote Speech by Dr. Miklós Seszták, Minister, Hungarian Ministry of National Development (invited)
Keynote Speech by Paul Hodson, Head of Unit, Energy Efficiency, European Commission (DG ENER)

 10.30 Session 1 - The big picture: How will 2050 look like?

What will the future energy system look like in a context of shifting paradigms and disruptive innovation and how heat and power will be delivered in a fully integrated system?

Moderator: Diana Ürge-Vorsatz, Director, Center for Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Policy, Central European University

Keynote introductions:
  • Ute Collier, Senior Programme Leader, Renewable Energy Division, International Energy Agency (IEA)

Panel debate:

  • Bertrand de Singly, Director of Strategy, GRDF
  • Tom Scarinci, Head of Global Customer Solutions, Siemens
  • Wouter Koopman, European Affairs Manager to Gas, Shell
  • Murat Isikveren, Director in charge of Energy at the Markets and Innovation Development Department, Veolia
  • Ute Collier, Senior Programme Leader, Renewable Energy Division, International Energy Agency (IEA)

Networking lunch - Sponsored by GE Power
Presentation by Ignaz Maarse, Sales Director, Gas Power Systems, GE Power

13.30 Session 2 – On the road to 2030: unleashing the power of heat for a consumer-led energy transition

As Europe embarks in the energy transition, how will the Clean Energy Package help bring together different national energy mixes, varying energy security needs and stages of economic development in a way that enables the EU to reach its energy and climate objectives in the long run? Does electrification equal decarbonisation? How to unleash all the energy efficiency potential across Europe and make energy consumers the active beneficiaries of the energy transition?

Moderator: Rodrigo Álvarez, Director of Regulations, ACOGEN

Keynote introductions:

  • Paul Hodson, Head of Unit, Energy Efficiency, European Commission (DG ENER)
  • Video message by Members of European Parliament on Clean Energy Package

Panel debate:

  • Paul Hodson, Head of Unit, Energy Efficiency, European Commission (DG ENER)
  • Roland Jöbstl, Policy Officer Energy and Climate, European Environment Bureau (EEB)
  • David Korody, Legal Director, National Federation of Associations for Consumer Protection in Hungary, on behalf of BEUC
  • Koen Noyens, Manager - Generation, Climate & Environment, EURELECTRIC
  • Tim Rotheray, Executive Committee Member, COGEN Europe
15.00 Coffee break
15.30 Session 3: The now: Getting markets to deliver for consumers


What are the immediate challenges and best practices in existing markets for energy efficiency technologies, including cogeneration? Have EU Member States been ambitious enough in implementing existing EU legislation energy efficiency and cogeneration? What are the growth opportunities in the different cogeneration market segments: industrial, district heating, small commercial?

Moderator: Simon Minett, Managing Director, Challoch Energy

Keynote introductions:

  • Snapshot survey on national trends and developments for CHP across Europe by Hans Korteweg, Managing Director, COGEN Europe
  • Heinz Ullrich Brosziewski, Vice President, German CHP Organisation (B.KWK)

Panel debate:

  • Julio Artiñano Pascual, Chairman, COGEN Spain
  • Pablo Avogadri, Chief Marketing Officer Turbomachinery & Processes Solutions, Baker Hughes, a GE Company (BHGE)
  • Heinz Ullrich Brosziewski, German CHP Organisation (B.KWK)
  • Patrick Canal, French CHP Organisation (ATEE)
  • Kristian Rehnström, Director Business Development, Eastern Europe, Fortum
17.15 Closing/Wrap up by Phillip Piddington, Managing Director, Viridor
17.20 Video Announcement by Sponsor AB
17.30 COGEN Europe AGM (COGEN members only meeting)
19.00 -  22.00 COGEN Europe Gala dinner & reception (Restaurant Spoon The Boat)


22 September 2017: CONFERENCE DAY TWO



Parallel Sessions

  Parallel Session 1

Parallel Session 2


Energy Solutions Enabling Active Consumers in the Energy System

Consumers are at the centre of the energy system. Increasing their ability to generate their own heat and power will help them control their consumption and production, be rewarded for their contribution to the system and reduce their energy bill. Key case studies, including the outcome of the ene.field project, will be presented to show how efficient consumer-led technologies can help contribute to meet the needs of the future energy system while making consumers the active beneficiaries of the energy transition.

Moderator: Alexandra Tudoroiu, Policy Officer, COGEN Europe

Keynote Introduction:

  • Presentation "New, Innovative, Disruptive – business models for CHP in the 21st Century" by Scott Dwyer, Principal Analyst, Delta Energy & Environment

Panel debate:

  • Olivier Bucheli, Managing Director Switzerland, SOLIDpower
  • Régis Contreau, Products Leader, GRDF
  • Scott Dwyer, Principal Analyst, Delta Energy & Environment
  • Mike Small, Group Product Manager for Services and Micro-CHP, BDR Thermea

Accelerating Energy Efficiency Efforts in Transitioning Economies

In a context of difficult economic conditions, increasing energy efficiency efforts across all EU counties is a challenge. This session will address ways to unlock existing funding opportunities to further support the uptake of energy efficiency technologies across Europe, save energy, reduce CO2 emissions and boost EU’s competitiveness.

Moderator: Harry Trump, Director of Business Development, Centrax Gas Turbines

Keynote introduction:

  • Marcos Tejerina García, Senior Energy Engineer, Energy Department, European Investment Bank

Panel debate:

  • Robert Kubitsch, Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority
  • Andras Papp, Vice Chairman, COGEN Hungary (MKET)
  • Marcos Tejerina García, Senior Energy Engineer, Energy Department, European Investment Bank
  • Ferenc Ferezelyi, COGEN Hungary
10.45 Coffee Break
11.15 Wrap-up of the Parallel Sessions by the Moderators
11:30 Presentation on digitalisation and virtual power plants by Sorin Georgescu, Power & Gas, Technology Innovation, Siemens
12.00 Open Microphone
12.30 Closing Remarks by Melle Kruisdijk, vice-Chairman, COGEN Europe
12.45 Networking Lunch
14.00 - 16.30
Site visit (optional) to MVM Észak-Buda CHP plant or Siemens Power and Gas Budapest Plant

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