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Future trends in small-scale cogeneration

Cogeneration is one the most flexible ways to generate power and heat. Cogeneration (of Combined Heat & Power/CHP) units can be easily integrated within energy sources of different sizes and demands.

In TEDOM we have our own research and development department that is not only developing new solutions related to the CHP units design but is also active in finding new ways of CHP technology implementation. We see cogeneration as an inherent part of a complex energy system, that will always add variability and flexibility to the mix.

In the future, renewable energy sources will represent a significant part of the energy mix. However, renewable energy sources are unpredictable and are not always there when you need them. Cogeneration can face these challenges and balance the grid when the wind is not blowing and the sun is not shining.

TEDOM is running 2 very different energy projects:
1. Distributed power plant with more than 130 remotely controlled CHP units, which has proven to be very flexible in supplying electricity to the grid;
2. Automated off-grid energy system, which consists of solar panels, batteries and a CHP unit and is fully grid independent (to the contrary of the first project).

Both these projects use CHP units in an unorthodox but very efficient way. In the beginning, the projects were rather experimental, but after some months of optimization and fine-tuning, they evolved into two working and fully reliable power sources.


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Thursday, 21 February 2019

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